About boat rental with us:

  • We have a strong focus on safety at sea and all our boats are equipped with tracking and anti-sink systems from antisink.no.
  • As the renter, you are 100% responsible for the boat during the rental period.
  • The boats have full gas tanks upon delivery.
  • The boats must be returned with full tanks, cleaned and in the same condition as on delivery.

Boat type 1 - Kaasbøll 660 aluminum boat

  • Max 6 people on board
  • A boat type specially developed for sea fishermen.

Boat type 2 - Dolmøy 230 Fisker plastic boat

  • Max 4 people on board
  • Boat with cabin, designed for anglers.

Facilities on land

Good facilities for gutting, filleting, packing and freezing your catch.