Go to lopphavet!

In Nuvsvåg at Loppa along the Finnmark coast you will find Loppa Havfiske. Loppa Sea fishing is close to the open Lopphavet - a well-known area for first-class sea fishing.

Resort specializing in deep-sea fishing

Halibut is of the highest class and can be fished in the fjord that leads you out at Lopphavet. Out on Lopphavet , opportunities await for more species in the heavyweight class.

It is not uncommon to see cod weighing over 20 kg, saithe, halibut and, of course, catfish. Loppa Havfiske has its own sluice house with a freezer for each apartment. Enjoy your stay!

Boat rental

Fantastic sea fishing in fjords and the open sea. We have 10 boats in two different models, all well equipped for deep sea fishing.


A house and 8 apartments of a high standard are ready to accommodate you and yours. Spacious and cozy, with all the necessary facilities.

Experience the Finnmark Alps

Nuvsvåg is surrounded by the Finnmark Alps. Here you can make new tracks every day, undisturbed.

Experienced local guide

If you don't want to go out on your own, we have a local ski guide who is more than happy to show you around Nuvsvåg and the Finnmark Alps. The guide is experienced in the mountains and knows the area like the back of his hand. He loves summit tours and the nature around Nuvsvåg. "Don't measure the height of the mountain until you've been guided to the top" is his motto

How to travel to Nuvsvåg

We help you with transportation to and from Alta Airport. Alta Airport is located just 4 kilometers east of Bossekop in Alta municipality. The airport is easily accessible by car, bus and taxi.